Lester Battery Charger for EZGO RXV

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This Lester Links automatic 48 volt golf cart battery charger is designed for 48V EZ-GO RXV golf carts 2008 and up and 48V EZ-GO TXT golf carts 2010 and up. It is an automatic charger so the charger will automatically stop charging once your battery has fully charged.

This 48 volt EZ-GO golf cart battery charger is made by Lester Electrical, a leading company in the field and widely respected by both their peers and customers.

The product includes the EZ-GO golf cart battery charger, eight foot cables and a 48V EZ-GO RXV PowerWise three pin plug.


LINKS Series

Tests battery capacity.

Gauge indicator.

For 36v and 48v.

Fully portable.

Durable powder-coated steel case.

Heavy duty 8 foot DS cables.

48v 13amp.